Lektratek realised that it cannot be part of a large town without being involved with the community. Where in other companies management will decide which good courses will be supported, at Lektratek an employee committee decides where the help is really needed.

During the years a special bond has formed between Lektratek and the Buffelsvlei School, a small rural school just outside of town. The school has been renovated with the help of Lektratek and hard work from employees. At this stage maintenance are done on a regular basis to make sure the school will not fall back to its former poor condition.

This helping hand from Lektratek was also extended to other schools in the township of Ikageng, part of the Tlokwe Municipality.

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Lektratek is a Potchefstroom based manufacturing plant with their main focus to produce precision mechanical components. Potchefstroom is considered as a “university town” as the North West University has its main campus in town. Several other big industries also have facilities in town: Tiger Brand, Nestlé, Chubby Chick and others.

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