quilThe Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services SETA was established in terms of the Skills Development Act passed by the South African Parliament in 1998. The MerSETA was set up initially to facilitate skills development, education and training in amongst others, the metal and engineering, auto manufacturing and motor retail and component manufacturing.

Lektratek is a proudly MerSeta accredited facility and many employees have already improved their skills and qualifications by being part of this opportunity.

All employees are always encouraged to improve their expertise by using training opportunities. Therefore the entire workforce at the company are uniquely skilled for the work they do.

Training worth R400 000 was done in 2015 only.




anodizingThis is an electrolytic plating process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. Anodizing increases resistance to corrosion and wear, and also provides better adhesion for paint primers and glues than does bare metal.

Not only is this process done at Lektratek, but it is also prepared according to military standards and uniquely fully mechanised. Furthermore every single component will be exactly the same as all the others. Not something that a large factory like this can boast about. Weekly analyses are done to make sure that no mistakes ever occurs.

Type III anodizing is also done at Lektratek and players in this field will know that this is a very unique process and hardly done by any other company if this size and nature.



reseone choice when it comes to research and development. No stone will be untouched when a clients need a specific component for a specific purpose.

From drawings to the final product, Lektratek provides the necessary help and assistants to find the solutions for the most difficult of obstacles. Sourcing of material, tests and retesting’s are done as a matter of routine.



manuWhen manufacturing became big business Lektratek realised that to satisfy client needs, they had to do it in the best way possible. Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machines were the answer. Well qualified and trained machine operators does the rest.

The company manufactures small to medium size components for the industry according to requirements of the customer and applicable to statutory, regulatory and procedural requirements.

The modern high-tech machining company with a 33 CNC machine capability includes several off CNC vertical machining centres as well as off five axis CNC machining centres. It can therefore supply specialised steel and alloy components to all industries in the world. Their facilities also include for example a plating plant, assembly lines as well as ultrasonic scanning.

Executive engineering is a word associated with a business like Lektratek as very unique components were and are still manufactured for its clients. Although over a thousand different types of components have already left the factory, five hundred diverse components are manufactured on a regular basis.



quilasQuality assurance is of the utmost importance for the Lektratek employees – nothing is left for chance. A well-established quality system is maintained to ensure cost effective products which comply with customer requirements and to ensure continuous improvement.

The company is particularly proud of its Quality Management System in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Employees are very involved with the maintenance of the quality system. They are also provided with all the necessary resources to meet the terms of their responsibilities as well as authorities. The special laboratory used for specialised test, is only one of these. The effectiveness of their quality management system is continuously improving through the establishment of clearly defined objectives during management reviews.

Housekeeping is not negotiable in a quality controlled environment. Management consider this as a key factor in the success of the company.


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